Image: Town Hall Theatre

Town Hall Theatre

A professional proscenium arch theatre recently refurbished, to combine traditional elegance with modern sophistication. The Town Hall Theatre provides comfortable seating for traditional theatre, musical performances, public lectures, large information sessions and conferences. The rake of the auditorium, good sight lines, excellent sound, lighting, and audio visual facilities make every seat ‘the best in the house’.






Our theatre is a 470 seat proscenium arch style performance space, with state of the art facilities, including a D&B C rig PA, with a Midas Pro1 at FOH, and an LS9-32 on monitor duties. We have comprehensive mic kits, including 12 channels of Sennheiser G3 radios, and over a dozen RCF Art 310a’s for foldback.

We have a Strand Palette VL16 controlling our light rig, which contains Litecraft multipars, Martin movers, as well as a full complement of theatre luminares and assorted effects, such as star cloths, strobes, hazers and U.V. guns.

On stage we have a 20 line double purchase fly system, as well as all rigging equipment necessary for hanging up to 250 kg’s per line.

Our technical staff are veterans of the entertainment industry, and are always totally accommodating with all your technical requirements.


For enquiries and bookings phone the Entertainment Centre on 6420 2900

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